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Labor Day 2014

Technically Labor Day is supposed to be a Holiday to honor the men and women of the workforce with a much need day off. But given that almost 40% of Americans work in the Retail, Hospitality and / or services industry of some sort, it seems that many of us end up working over time on labor day. For us (and many others I think) Labor Day is more of a time stamp that transitions us out of summer mode and slams us into one of the busiest times of year as we work to help our clients get their business websites ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Also, in the weeks following labor day we shoot more product and catalog photography than any other time of year.

No matter what you’re up too this weekend, working, celebrating or other, we hope you find some time to be with people you care about and enjoy some of the last days of summer. Happy Labor Day 2014 form all of us at Ace Male Models / Miami, FL USA

product and catalog photography

Interested in getting eye catching and engaging advertising photography like this for you product, service, brand or business website? Contact Us at Aces Entertainment Inc. to learn how easy and affordable it can be!

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Stunning Male Model Photo Art by Bob Bienpensant

Every once in a while art we find art on the web that stops us dead in our tracks – and that’s exactly what these male model photography renders by artist Bob Bienpensant did. Bienpensant is from France and a new and up and coming name in the modern erotic art scene. You can view more of his gay erotic photo art at Erotic Collectibles™.  Pretty sure a couple of his prints are going on our Christmas list later this year!  Enjoy!!  xoxxo ~ ACEBOYS™ / Miami, FL  USA

You can purchase Mr. Bienpensant’s work @ Fine Art America

Male Model Photography Art by Bob Bienpensant

Male Model Photography Art by Bob Bienpensant

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Male Models Backstage: Personality Matters!

The topic of personality has been coming up more and more lately and for good reason. . . Brands across all industries are working hard to authentically connect with their target customer base and a great way to do that is through video interviews. In this video below, male model Logan is being interviewed by and it’s a very smart move on their part. By publishing this backstage, informal discussion members of the adult pay site can get a much better feel for who the model is and what he is all about. Yes, in this case it’s an adult pay site, but the concept applies to any industry.


 Tips for Marketing Directors & Male Models

Tips For Brands: Look for opportunities to take your customers behind the scenes. Reality sells and allowing your customers to feel like they are a part of something or have access to information and content that is normally not shared with the public can make them feel special and help them feel a deeper connection with your brand. Be authentic about it and watch customer engagement increase! Look for more then just hot male models, look for a brand ambassadors who can help your brand, product or service really connect and engage your target customers.

Tips For Male Models: It used to be about getting that one great shot, but things have changed (a lot)! With video becoming much easier to use and publish, advertising and brand models in the connection economy need to be more then just a pretty face. They need to be real people, with real lives and real personalities that potential customers can relate too. The take away for models here is pretty simple though .. When marketing your self via your male model portfolio or lookbook, consider using video to help you stand out from the crowd. Record a short video bio, introducing yourself and helping casting directors get a feel for who you are and what you are about. Think about it! If you need a hand developing a professional portfolio we offer very affordable Male Model Portfolio Launcher services that can help you get your image out there faster and with a look and feel that agents are looking for. You can learn more here: Male Model Portfolio Services


We offer a number of professional marketing services for Brands of all sizes and services for male models. For more information please visit our Male Models Website or use the contact form below and the most appropriate member of our team will be in touch with you fast. Thanks!! :)

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Social Networking, Male Model Casting and Matthew Noszka

new male model matthew noszka


How Matthew Noszka Landed Paying Male Model Contracts From The Social Web.

On July 31, 2014 COSMOPOLITAN.COM published a post introducing Matthew Noszka and told the story of how he landed a male model contract with Wilhelmina Models using the Instagram social network.  Per Cosmopolitan, Matthew is business major, plays basketball and all- in-all has a relatively ‘normal’ life for a 21 year old college student.

Well, normal until Wilhelmina agent Luke Simone came across his Instagram profile …

Noszka explains that he was recruited site unseen by Wilhelmina and actually landed a contract with Nike with nothing more then an Instagram account and a few shirtless photos a friend shot of him while working out at LA Fitness. But that’s not the interesting part (to us anyway) …

Personality Matters!

Reading Mathew’s story is worth while for aspiring male models for a couple reasons. First, although he had considered modeling, Noszka never dreamed that this kind of success was within his reach. Second, throughout the brief Cosmopolitan post, the topic of personality came up a few times both from the Wilhelmina agent (Luke Simone) and from Noszka himself.  Obviously Matthew is strikingly handsome and marketable in terms of looks, but according to the article there was just as much emphasis put on his personality and ability to connect and communicate as there was on his looks.  Matthew explains that on one of his go-see meeting with Wrangler Jeans, in addition to photographs they captured video of him introducing himself and telling his story. Like they wanted to really know him, not just look at him (shocking huh?) Luke Simone also commented on personality, stating that although he had never used the Instagram social network to recruit a male model in the past, he was able to get a feel for Mathew’s personality from the variety of photos he published in his profile.

So Why Do Brands Care About A Male Model’s Personality?

In the connection economy, brands need too .. you guessed it .. Connect with their target audience. And there here in lies some lessons for aspiring male models (and female models as well of course). There are countless beautiful young men who could pose for a fashion photo shoot or walk a runway, but can they help a brand connect? To that end, I think we are getting a sneak peak into the future a bit. Aspiring male models should approach modeling more as a Brand Ambassador then simply a pretty face or chiseled body and case study Noska’s story and look for ways to show case not only hot shirtless selfies, but how they are ‘showing up’ on the social web and how their personalities can help brands authentically connect and sell products and services.

Much more to come on this topic of the male model as brand ambassador and personality casting, branding and the emerging criterion that top agents like Simone are using to cast professional male models in future posts.

Congratulations to you Matthew, we will be paying attention to your progress and wish you the very best in the coming year!

Ace Male Models, Miami, FL  USA

Sources & Credits:

Photo by: Leonardo Corredor  // You can see more from this talented photographer here:

You can read the original Cosmopolitan Post here:

To lean more about Wilhelmina please visit their site here:

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Happy 4th Of July!

July 4th 2014 - Acemale Models & Aceboys

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Noteworthy Fashion Trends For Guys – Spring / Summer 2014

aceboys 2014 fashion trends for guys

Happy New Year! Each year around this time, we publish what we believe are the emerging menswear trends that actually matter to ‘real’ guys. We base our Top Fashion Trends For Guys on the catalog photography work we have done throughout the year for our men’s fashion clients as well as what we saw on the male models wearing on the runways. We don’t necessarily approve of them all, but we do believe these are the trends you’ll see on campus, on the street and in the office in the year ahead.  On behalf of ACEBOYS™ Life & Style and Ace Male Models™, here are the Spring 2014 top fashion trends for men …


Tie Dye Prints & Big Color

Although this is not our favorite emerging fashion trend for guys this year, we’d be withholding information if we didn’t point it out. More then a couple of the fashion designers targeting the 20 to 30 something man are featuring some sort of  tie-dye prints and if not tie-dye, some sort of pastels in their 2014 spring and summer lines. Yes you read that correctly, dear reader .. tie-dye and pastel prints!! Here’s our take (and it has nothing to do with being gay or straight or metro or anything else, it has everything to do with having a penis) pastels don’t work. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we suggest you don’t go there, unless of course .. forget it, just don’t go there.

mens fashion trend #2 for spring 2014 - socks are optionalDitch The Socks!

I know right!! Just when you finally got comfortable wearing those uber loud plaid or paisley socks you bought 10 years ago as way of ‘expressing your unique personality’ we go and tell you to ditch the socks in 2014 and show off your ankles a bit. WTF?!  Well, fear not dear reader, we aren’t suggesting that you toss your s
ock drawer in the dumpster all together, but going ‘sockless’ this spring is a great way to dress down an outfit.

The no sock trend seemed prominent across many of the major labels in the SS14 fashion previews. A Perfect example is from IceBerg’s SS14 Men’s collection seen below. Go ahead, we dare you to find one of their male models with a pair of socks on.

Suspenders, Bow Ties & Buttons – It’s Geek Chic!

2014 Men's Fashion Trends - Geek Chic

The nerds finally get revenge in 2014 as a number of subtle but important finishing touches took center stage that scream NERD! It’s pretty much the stuff you would have got pelted on the bus for wearing when you were a kid, but BAM, all of a sudden Geek is fashionable.  We actually like this trend a lot and think that it’s a really cute look for most guys in the right context and situations.

NYC based menswear design collective Bespoken did the best job of showcasing the look on the runway this year. Please check out their website for more great options. 

2014 Mens Fashion Trends by

Printed Blazers & Jackets -

Prints in and of themselves are nothing new and even the most conservative of guys have been playing with prints on campus, on the town and even at work. We see this trend going even further in 2014 departing from the plaid button down to highly energetic printed blazers and sports coats. It’s bold, but brings a element of playfulness to the classic blazer and denim combo that’s become popular with the hipster chique. But before you run off to your closet to mix and match, make sure you know the difference between a Blazer, Sports Coat and Suit Jacket!  Earlier this month, Trunk Club posted the following blog article that helps draw a clear distinction between the three types of jackets and when to and (more importantly) when not too wear each. 

  1. The Difference Between Sport Coats, Blazers, and Suit Jackets – Trunk Club(In the “Ask Barkin” series, our head of sales, Michael Barkin, answers questions about style. This particular edition is inspired by a Gawker blog post.) A couple of weeks ago, Hamilton Nolan advised Gawker readers to avoid wearing sport coats with jeans, saying, “The more fiercely a man argues in favor of wearing sport coats and jeans together, the more plainly the flaws of his character are revealed.”

    Embedly Powered

  2. Jump Suits

Guys Pants Are On A Roll In 2014

Another trend in menswear we see catching on in 2014 is the reincarnation of the oh so Duran Duran rolling up or cuffing guys jeans. We first started seeing this in Eastern Europe in the 2010 timeframe, but it’s clearly catching on in the America’s now as well. Popular men’s clothing lines like J-Crew are actually showing catalog images of their denim rolled up or cuffed at the bottom. Cuffing men’s jeans is a very simple trick that takes and ordinary outfit and adds instant style. The Life & Style team here at ACEBOYS all agree that this is a cool trend that we hope does gain some traction in the coming year. Before you go off rolling up your pant legs, there are a couple things to keep in mind. First and foremost, don’t cuff your denim unless you have a decent pair of shoes on. Sneakers or Sandals don’t cut it and if you’re not careful, you’ll be the brunt of some tired old jokes about floods and stuff like that. Cuffing Men’s jeans usually works best with a casual dress shoe or with a men’s work boot.


Bye Bye Board Shorts .. and .. Hello Short Shorts:

2014 Mens swimwear trends

To see more amazing swimwear please visit CHARLIE BY MATTHEW ZINK at

In Conclusion …

Be Bold and Confident and Don’t be afraid to’try on’ the looks and styles you see here and on the designers websites that get your attention. You don’t need to run out and spend a fortune either, many of these looks can be achieved with clothes you already have in your closet (or on the floor for our dorm based readers).

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A Few Things About Guys …

A Few Things About Guys ...

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ACEBOYS Introduces: Latino Male Model Bryan

AceBoys™ Introduces Latino Male Model Bryan

ACEBOY™ MODELS introduces Latino Male Fashion Bryan in his first professional photo set. ACEMALEMODELS.COM launched Bryan’s first commercial Male Model Portfolio earlier today. Highly customizable and brandable stock photos of Latino Male Models like Bryan are available for commercial licensing in our male model stock photo marketplace. If you’re interested in connecting your brand with the powerful and growing Latino and Hispanic markets, consider purchasing licensed photos of Bryan or any of our male models for your web based or print media advertising projects. Our models are also available for custom catalog and product photo and video advertising projects as well, please see Bryan’s male model portfolio page and click on the book me link. Check him out and let us know what you think.

latino male models at

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Demand Rises For Latino Male Models

Demand For Latino Male Models

Demand for Latino Male Models is on the rise!

In August 2012, Forbes Magazine published an edition with a simple image of the stunningly beautiful Sofia Vergara on the cover and a simple tag line that read: “The Next Media Jackpot”. The Jackpot that Forbes was referring too is the growing purchasing power of the U.S. based Latino market and their engagement with multimedia.

Almost one year later, it seems Forbes was spot on as demand for Latino Male Models to pose for fashion, product and general commercial marketing sets is on the rise.

Our commercial male model management firm has always been about diversity and about helping our client base get ahead of emerging global trends and, to the extent possible capitalize on both, to get their brands in line with the next big thing. We’re not implying in any way that we create these trends but we do work hard to cut through the noise and parse out what’s real and meaningful for marketers and what’s not.

The math in this case is pretty straight forward and very compelling. Per the “Latino Love” article written by Jeff Bercovici and other sources we use, the median age of the Latino and Hispanic population living in the U.S. is 27 years old and like most mid-20 somethings in the U.S. they are highly internet savvy. That’s cool, but here’s another fact that brand managers may want to consider, of that same population, less than 25% of them, although they speak spanish in their homes and with their families, are fluent in English and prefer to speak English in the work place and when interacting socially outside of the their homes. Whoa! Now we’re getting to some important marketing ‘stuff’. If you stop and connect the dots for a second, you can see how a savvy brand or marketing manager may want to tailor their fall and holiday print media campaigns to appeal more to the high spending, highly responsive latino and hispanic U.S. based demographic. The great news is that they can do so without alienating their english speaking speaking customer base. And maybe (just maybe) this means that running duplicate ads (i.e. in both English and Spanish) may not be necessary and possible perceived as a bit overkill on a brands part.

By casting latino male models (and latino female models as well of course) a brand can attract and intice a whole new customer base, one that’s proven to respond well to multimedia advertising both online and in print ads.

Ace Male Models helps brands hire Latino Male Models for Advertising Photography.

We’re pscyhed about this emerging trend in advertising multimedia and have been consulting our clients to consider diversifying their advertising photography campaigns as a result. The proof will come in early Q1 2014 once the holiday buying season is wrapped up, but no matter what, the writing is on the wall and brands that respond and diversify their advertising are almost assured access to new, highly profitable and brand loyal customers. And who in this economy isn’t interested in that? For more information on hiring latino and hispanic male models for your upcoming online and print media campaigns and other Niche Market Marketing Services please contact us, we’ll be happy to share what we know and provide you with some ideas that just may make this a very ¡Feliz Navidad.

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